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Our History

In the month of November, and the year of Nineteen Hundred and Seven (1907) the Reverend Thomas T. Tucker with only seven people, and a determination as if to say, “If God be for us, who can be against us? With conviction in their hearts, a commitment to do the Lord’s will. They moved forward, and with a mission caused to come into existence, and after being set apart, “The Union Baptist Church”. The first official service was held on Pennington Street, Newark, NJ. There they dwelt until it became necessary to seek – residence elsewhere, which was located on Clayton Street, Newark, NJ. After a period of two years, the congregation had increased to a point where they needed an even larger dwelling place, for the Lord’s House.


Locating a dwelling for Worship was not easy in those days “but with the help of Go, and the people having a Mind to Work” a place was located to “rest the ARK” of God’s Covenant” at 98 Somerset Street, and after services to continue there, and the building had to be demolished. This action did not dim the hopes and aspirations of Unions membership. Union had come to realize that “God is Our Refuge and Strength” a very present help in trouble. They erected a tent and there they worshipped until 1918, at which time they constructed the “beautiful Edifice” under the leadership of the Lord is under shepherd the Reverend Thomas T. Tucker.


Union Baptist Church was incorporated in accordance with the Laws of the State of New Jersey in the year on Nine Hundred and Nine with the names of the incorporators listed here below. The Union Baptist Church was about a “Great Work” and many souls were saved under divine direction. The church became a Blessing to the community. Rev Tucker worked in the vineyard until his Clay – House began to fail him. He then recommended to the church to call the Reverend George L. Ray as Assistant Pastor, which they did until the Lord called Rev. Tucker from labor to rest.


In the year of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-three, and the month of June, the Reverend George L. Ray was elected as our spiritual leader and Administrator. Then after a time the Housing Authority of the City of Newark, NJ sent notification of Urban Renewal, thus forcing us to relocate in 1961. In our search for a new dwelling place under Divine direction, Rev. Ray and Deacon Charles Jones to “Our present Dwelling”  55-61 Fourth Street. With the Hand of God upon him, God allowed Rev. Ray to envision that the extended section could be converted into apartments, and June 3rd, 1963, Union marched into our New Dwelling Place. We marched with seventy-one members on roll. We continued to work, and more laborers were added. After thirty-eight years of laboring in the vineyard, Pastor George Lenon Ray, departed from the footstool to await the Re-Union around the Great White Throne. We continued to toil until the Church called the Reverend Jesse Brown. Rev. Jesse J. Brown was Born in Dothan, Alabama in 1950 Rev. Brown joined the Union Baptist Church where he served faithfully as Sunday School Teacher, President of the Senior Choir, and Board of Trustees. In 1959 he was Ordained as a Deacon, then he was called to Preach the Gospel and was Ordained in 1959. He was Ordained by the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Brown Faithfully served the Macedonia Baptist Church for 15 years. On September 25, 1993, Union Baptist Church elected one of its Sons of the House to be its Pastor. Rev. Brown came Home with a Vision for Union, one which only God could have given. Through God’s grace he accomplished many tasks due to his strong Faith , and commitment to his calling. The beloved Pastor not only won the hearts of the congregation, but had earned the respect of many in our community. Rev. Brown was Happily married to Emma Jean Brown and he is the Father of three wonderful Adults. After serving faithfully for 10 years Rev. Jesse Brown went home to be with the Lord on June 25, 2003. After his demise the Church was without a Pastor, they called the late Rev. Dr. Dorenzo L. Douglas to be the Church Moderator he helped implement many church programs, and was the head of the search committee for the next Pastor. In December 2005, the church called the Reverend David O. Carter as its Fourth Pastor of the Union Baptist Church. In the first year of his tenure the Union Baptist Church added over 60 members, it continues to grow and expand with programs, community outreach and God’s great guidance. The Rev. David O. Carter is serving with God’s blessings, and the Church has moved forward tremendously. He added programs such Block Watch Community (My Block, My Family, Our Village), Web Sites, Drug/Alcohol Outreach Programs, Senior Programs, Inspirational Gospel Choir re-written Church By laws. We have come this far by faith and with God’s great blessings we will continue to flourish.


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